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Latest: 2013 Update Advanced Emissions and Drivability Diagnostics Partnering with the Automotive Training Group (ATG) to provide turn-key curriculum for the 2013-2014 16-hour Smog Technician update requirement. This package is available to all public and private schools and trainers certified to provide Smog Technician training.
  • Section 1 lays out a field-tested disciplined diagnostic approach that works for code, no code, drivability, electrical, intermittent and, other fault categories. Case studies are used to show how complex problems are solved, and how easily problems are diagnosed much faster than using traditional methods.
  • Section 2 Covers 5-Gas emissions diagnostics from a perspective not seen in other curriculum - from the 'trenches.' This section outlines real-world diagnostic techniques with case studies, and covers new testing procedures developed and proven in shops. This material and case studies, place considerable emphasis on finding root causes for common emission failures that are often blamed on the wrong systems and/or components. Technicians should be able to repair emissions in less time and more accurately.
  • Section 3 explains Advanced Drivability strategies we call 'Top-Down Diagnostics.' The premise is to stop testing everything in detail and start testing categories of faults. This method allows you to drill into a root cause without wasting time on tests that could have been easily ruled out. Broad categories are used at first, including Volumetric Efficiency, Fuel Trim, and Cylinder Contribution, but in ways not commonly taught in the industry. There are plenty of compelling case studies to make sure the message is clear. Technicians make more money while simultaneously benefiting both the environment and the customer through better running vehicles.
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